Recent Press Coverage for Head of Zeus Books


Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings - Wendy Holden
’Will leave you alternately laughing and cringing… Holden writes beautifully with a fabulous ear for dialogue… I adored it' The Daily Mail 

Viper's Blood - David Gilman

‘A brilliant story, full of facts and brimming with action. Superb reading.’ Army Rumour Service

Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings
'The novel is hilarious and entertaining as Laura finds herself in absurd and unlikely situations. A cast of colourful and eccentric characters create an intriguing and fast-paced novel, perfect if you are looking for an easy and funny read.’ Chicklit Club

Pachinko - Min Jin Lee
‘The novel reads like a long, intimate hymn to the struggles of people in a foreign land…The novel’s multi-generational narrative allows this rich history to unfold at a pace that is beguilingly peaceful… Vivid and immersive, Pachinko is a rich tribute to a people that history seems intent on erasing.’ The Guardian

The White Hare - Michael Fishwick

‘Michael Fishwick’s The White Hare is the launch title for Head of Zeus’s new children’s imprint, Zephyr, and it sets the bar very high…Fishwick’s depiction of place and landscape as well as his creation of the atmosphere and mythology of the novel is excellent… it is exactly the sort of book that deserves to figure in the reading lives of young people.’ Nudge Books 

Pachinko - Min Jin Lee

‘The scope and ambition of Pachinko are huge… for most western readers this will be an eye-opening account of a slice of east Asian history that still reverberates today’ The Times

The White Hare - Michael Fishwick

‘Delightfully presented as a small hardback with a gorgeous front cover…Alongside the magic and the fables, there are some difficult and bang up-to-date modern themes running through this book, and the author has combined the two very well. His attention to detail, his description of the countryside and his well-rounded and realistic characters work so well together to create an enjoyable and quite different story for children and young adults…Michael Fishwick has a rich imagination and is a skilled writer. The White Hare is thought-provoking and a pleasure to read.’ Random things through my letterbox

Pachinko - Min Jin Lee

‘An uplifting story…There are moments of shimmering beauty throughout Pachinko…an epic novel that tackles the biggest subjects of the Twentieth Century onwards: globalisation, economic migration, racism and other difficulties of integration; religion in decline and capitalism on the rise; and the slowly changing role of women in a conservative society that was, in other respects, modernising dizzyingly fast.’ ID magazine

Find Me - J.S. Monroe
'You have to work quite hard at this multi-layered break-out thriller, it features several timelines and narratives, but stick with it and you will be rewarded with intelligent writing, original and disturbing ideas and a tightly coiled and crafted plot.' The Daily Mail

Kahlil Gibran: Beyond Borders - Jean Gibran
‘Gibran’s life story is strangely compelling. Kahlil Gibran: Beyond Borders…is deferential to his genius and tactful about his faults.' The Daily Telegraph

Find Me - J.S. Monroe
‘The best book of the year for me so far…I’d recommend it to anyone who wants some intelligent and slightly different escapism with digestible language and a lack of flowery prose in the descriptions. It’s a novel for people who want a bit more and it performs on every level.’ Nudge Books

The Aleppo Cookbook - Marlene Matar

‘With The Aleppo Cookbook, Marlene Matar fetes the ancient city’s culinary promise.’ The Guardian 

Find Me - J.S. Monroe
‘A highly convoluted and skilfully told story with many twists and turns and apparent reversals of narrative.’ Promoting Crime

Laura Lake and the Hipster Wedding - Wendy Holden
‘Zany, zips along with lots of laughs: this is Holden on top form’ Woman & Home

Pachinko - Min Jin Lee
‘A rich, moving novel about exile, identity and the determination to endure’ Sunday Times Event Magazine

Pachinko - Min Jin Lee

‘A sweeping, engrossing family saga…a poignantly told tale. Gracefully written and dotted with memorable images, evocative of the pace and time, it’s a page-turning panorama of one family’s path through suffering to prosperity in 20th-century Japan’ Literary Review

The White Hare - Michael Fishwick
‘His tense relationship with Sheila and her daughters shows Fishwick to be a keen observer of blended-family life’ Evening Standard

The Lost City of the Monkey God - Douglas Preston
‘Leaves the reader both impressed and over-awed…An adventure well worth the telling and the 16 pages of colour illustrations add further veracity to the impact’ Country Life

Airborne - Robert Radcliffe
‘The mixture of fiction and fact provides a good look at real events…well written and readable’ Soldier Magazine

What the Raven Brings - John Owen Theobald
‘A beautiful book that I really recommend to anyone that likes historical fiction’ 4/5 Books Books Books

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward - H.P.Lovecraft
‘A complex and well-plotted tale with some wonderful surprises built in, and very entertaining…a gripping, absorbing read. The book itself is a beautiful object (as are all Apollo books) with a striking cover’ Shiny New Books

Pachinko - Min Jin Lee

‘We never feel history being spoon-fed to us: it is wholly absorbed into character and story, which is no mean feat for a novel covering almost a century of history.’  Financial Times

Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings - Wendy Holden
‘Effing Marvellous’ Jilly Cooper

The White Hare - Michael Fishwick

’Filled with echoes of the past, I would recommend this for teenagers and adults alike’ Cotswold Life
The Life and Times of Algernon Swift - Bill Jones
‘Highly amusing…an absolute gem…Full of awful puns and delivered with Jones’s particular brand of dry sardonic humour, this is quite brilliant.’ Cotswold Life
The Way We Die Now - Seamus O’Mahony
‘Trenchant but compassionate’ Irish Daily Mail
Viper’s Blood - Dave Gilman
‘Action-packed, exciting and wonderfully researched…the story is as fresh and shock-filled as each of its predecessors.’ The Bookbag
Find Me - J.S.Monroe
‘This is an intriguing novel, lots of twists and turns and a dark underbelly. ‘ Frost Magazine
Inch Levels - Neil Hegarty
’An engaging novel which shows rather than tells, richly repaying close attention.’ A Life in Books
Pachinko - Min Jin Lee
’A strong story, delivered with exemplary simplicity’ The Mail on Sunday
Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings - Wendy Holden
‘Hugely entertaining, save this to read in a sheltered spot on the first sunny day of spring’ Saga Magazine

The Way We Die Now - Seamus O’Mahony
“A searingly honest and humane book that is challenging yet profoundly important” The Guardian

The Lost City of the Monkey God - Douglas Preston

“Deftly balancing swashbuckling action with thoughtful reflections on conservation and the ethics of archaeology” 5* Review in The Mail on Sunday

Desire - ed. Mariella Frostrup
“This anthology came out late last year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be eagerly welcome by bookworms who like their reading material to venture between the sheets. Forget EL James, though: these saucy stories are generally well written.” Metro

Stonehenge - Francis Pryor

“Pryor…represents his discipline attractively to the general public. His latest book is designed for just such an audience, and packages for it, with concision and splendid visual illustration, the past decade’s worth of new discovery… Pryor is especially able in conveying the dynamism of prehistory, with its constant changes, both of the form of individual monuments and in broader patterns of ritual behaviour and architectural fashion.” TLS

Pachinko - Min Jin Lee

“Remarkable…Pachinko gives its readers …a striking introduction to lives, to a world, they may never have seen, or even thought to look at. In our increasingly fractured and divisive times, there can be no higher purpose for literature: all in the pages of a book that, once you’ve started, you’ll simply be unable top put down” Harper’s Bazaar

The Reykjavik Assignment - Adam Lebor
‘This fast-moving, refreshingly intelligent story is packed with insider knowledge.’ The Daily Mail

The Borrowed - Chan Ho-Kei
‘Fascinating and action-filled’ Wall Street Journal

The Mask of Command - Ian Ross
‘This tense, immersive novel is driven by the forceful yet always human Castus…the best of a fine series, this also stands very well on its own.’ Sunday Express
The Last Horseman - David Gilman
‘Packed full of intrigue, adventure and excitement. The writing is skillful, and while the story is a page turner full of adventure, there are a number of moments in which we are reminded that though most of the characters are fictional, the horror of this war was not… A perfect read for fans of Bernard Cornwell.' Historical Novel Review
Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams - Mary Gibson
‘This wonderfully descriptive book is a must-read for those who enjoy a thriller’ Ok! Magazine
Thenford - Michael and Anne Heseltine
‘The most comprehensive account of the creation of an English garden that you are ever likely to have the privilege of reading…delightful, yet informative’ Gardens Illustrated
The Lives of Tudor Women - Elizabeth Norton
‘a fascinating glimpse of Tudor life is presented…this is a potentially difficult brief handled with great success and can be warmly recommended’ History of Royals
The Ninth Grave - Stefan Ahnhem
‘Atmospheric and complicated saga of crimes that criss-cross the narrow strait between Sweden and Denmark. A bid at meta-Scandi noir with great cop characters from both nations and some imaginatively grisly perps.’ Sunday Times Crime Club 
Find Me - J.S. Monroe
‘The pages all but turn themselves as the story unfolds in taut chapters alternating between Rosa’s journal entries and Jar’s frantic quest. Monroe adds more voices in the book’s second half, keeping the guess-who’s-crazy ball in the air until the all-consuming reveal. Pacing is crisp and the plot is credible, but it’s the case of expertly crafted, psychologically ambiguous characters that rivets.’ Publishers Weekly
Messiah - Jonathan Keates
‘Keates is an enthusiastic, serious and careful writer, and this delightful book, though designed up to the hilt, contains a lot to muse over….the author clearly knows what he is talking about, and illuminates what we thought we knew.' The Guardian 
Invisible Planets - Ken Liu
‘With stories ranging over social control, world-building rats and redundant robots who have outlived the humans who made them, this is a collection that will stimulate an delight' The Daily Mail
Finisterre - Graham Hurley
‘Beautifully constructed, the result is compelling and richly entertaining.' The Daily Mail
Thenford - Michael and Anne Heseltine
‘Fascinating…what comes through clearly is how well the Heseltines work together as a team….What a garden –and what a book!’ Country Life
Airborne - Robert Radcliffe
‘Radcliffe writes with knowledge and skill…there is humour, as well as horror, in this fascinating and convincing novel’ The Times
Stonehenge – Francis Prior
‘This beautifully produced book brings us up to date with the latest in Stonehenge thinking… nearly as good as wandering among the stones themselves.' Daily Mail

Paper Menagerie – Ken Liu
‘This captivating collection of award-winning short stories is full of wonder and magical realism.'  Buzzfeed
The Angels of Lovely Lane – Nadine Dorries
‘As heart-warming as it is heartbreaking, this novel is unputdownable.’ The Sunday Express